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View our international Webcast “Home Fire Sprinklers – A Solution to America’s Fire Problem.” This professionally produced 1-1/2 hour documentary presents factual information about residential fire sprinkler systems and uses interviews with builders, code officials, homeowners, legislators, sprinkler installers and others to convey first-hand experience from jurisdictions where these systems are being installed every day.

The program includes information about how residential sprinkler systems work and addresses a variety of special topics, including installation costs, effective use of wells and other water supplies, and installation of systems in freezing climates. Narrated video of burn demonstrations and a variety of sprinkler system installations showing different piping materials and dedicated sprinkler systems versus multipurpose installations are presented.

According to Ron Coleman, retired California State Fire Marshal and host of the program, “This program will serve as a tremendous educational tool for anyone who wants to learn the facts about residential sprinklers. The fact is, sprinklers are a simple, cost-effective way to protect your family, your home and your possessions – and the program clearly demonstrates this by answering many questions on people’s minds about the topic to dispel myths and misinformation.”