Click Here to download Prince George’s County, Maryland 15-year Experience Report on their residential fire sprinkler ordinance.

Click Here to download a report on Performance of Composite Wood Joists Under Fire Conditions, and the performance of fire sprinklers in protecting this type of construction.

Click Here to download a report on Integration of Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems with Public Water Distribution Systems.

 Click Here to download a Comparative Analysis of Housing Cost & Supply Impacts of Sprinkler Ordinances.

Click Here to download the Insurance Services Office position paper on residential fire sprinkler systems.

Click Here to download National Fire Protection Research Foundation’s 2008 report on costs associated with installation of residential fire sprinkler systems.

 Click Here to download U.S. Fire Administration’s October 2008 report on residential structure and building fires.

 Click Here to download National Institute of Standards and Technology report providing a cost-benefit analysis for home fire sprinkler.

 Click Here to download a Talking Points and Discussion Guide regarding the IRC requirement for residential fire sprinklers and the Minneapolis hearing.

Click Here to download the IRC Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s response to NAHB’s appeal seeking to overturn the IRC fire sprinkler requirements.

 Click Here to download the Scottsdale Report documenting Scottsdale, AZ’s first 10 years of experience with residential fire sprinklers.

Click Here to download the Reese-Carr Report documenting the net cost of home fire sprinklers in Scottsdale, AZ after infrastructure incentives are applied.

Resolution Supporting Residential Fire Sprinklers

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